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My specialties are:

Real Estate

I am currently a licensed NJ Realtor. I can help you buy or sell a house or even help get you into the best rental in town! Click Here to view my realtor page and find a listing!

Automotive Diagnosis and Repair

I have a long history in advanced diagnoses and repair. ASE Certified Master Technician

Coding/ Computer Repair

If you want a blazing fast front end, I can set that up with Vue.js. A lightweight secure backend API, with Express. A secure Token to include with API calls would be JWT. Then add that inside of a LIXUX cloud server running ubuntu 20.04 with a NGINX reverse proxy to host your backend through a reverse proxy and your frontend through https and you have yourself a lightweight, fast and most importantly SECURE web application. I also work with Liquid files(Shopify), Javascript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, Frameworks made with NodeJS, git and API Requests to make functional dynamic websites. I am also proficient at diagnosing and repairing computer problems and isolating whether it is a hardware or software issue.

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